JWraps Cup Holder Insert Exclusively For SNOW WOLF 200W MOD E-Cigarette (E-Cig) Vaporizer with a 30ml Accessory Slot and Wrapped in Black Carbon Fiber Wrap

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CAD designed and created from solid HDPE (Marine Grade) black plastic each cup holder is precision machined for accuracy then assembled and finished by hand. PLEASE NOTE: These cup holders are NOT 3-D designed and formed which prevents mis-shaping from high interior vehicle heat. You will be very pleased at the quality workmanship and how solidly built the cup holder is compared to similar products. Each accessory slot has been lined with felt to protect your valuable and beautiful vaping collection. The side wall is finished off with a durable custom designed 3M Black Carbon Fiber wrap. The cup holder organizer measures 3 inches wide x 2 inches Height. JWraps has used their vaping experience and customer feedback to give you the most efficient and durable cup holder on the market today. Slot Specifications are as follows: SNOW WOLF 200W slot is 1 5/8 inches Deep, the 30ml accessory slot is also 1 5/8 inches Deep. All JWraps stands are proudly made in the U.S.A! JWraps and Oh Snap Products are both family operated businesses located in the beautiful Sandhills Region of North Carolina.

  • JWraps SNOW WOLF 200W MOD Cup Holder has a slot to accommodate your SNOW WOLF 200W vaping device PLUS a 30ml accessory slot which can accomodate juice bottle or a 26650 tube device..
  • Custom made to order - please allow 4-5 business days before order ships. The cup holder measures 3" Wide x 2" Deep and is designed to fit most standard auto, SUV, and truck cup holders. NOTE: Idea! Use these measurements to check against your own vehicle's cup holder before you purchase.
  • The side of the cup holder is protected a durable Black Carbon Fiber wrap.
  • Designed and tested to withstand high interior vehicle heat! 100% Made in the U.S.A.!! Oh Snap Products is the exclusive dealer for JWraps on Amazon.
  • This sleek space saving design securely stores your SNOW WOLF 200W and 30ml accessory (juice bottle or a 26650 style device) while vaping in your car, truck, SUV or even your boat! Take it out of your vehicle and use it at home or office.