Vape Mod Stand Lady Sugar skull Mod Stand by Jwraps

  • $54.95

The Small Lady Sugar Skull vape mod stand Measurements: 10" X 10.5" X 2" The super cool Lady sugar skull stand. Great Medium size stand to hold a nice size gear collection. The stand will hold just the right amount of gear and will give you many fitting options. You can use the eyes and nose slots for either e-liquid or mods, the large slot on top - "head" either e-liquid or mods. Spec: 1 slot that will accommodate 3-4 mods/devices ( depending on the size) ( Reulaux Wismec will fit also devices like - isticks, ipv mini -v1/v2, SX-mini,Vapor flask,Hammond 1590B,1590G, Sigelei 50,100,100 plus,150, Ipv V1,V2,V3, Hana mods, vapor sharks, cloupor mini and many other square box mod. 4 Threaded slots for tanks/rba/rda ( 510 threaded) 5 battery slots ( 18350,18490,18500,18650 ) 1 Tube mod ( up to 25mm ) or 15ml bottles, 30ml unicorn bottles. 2 slots for 60ml bottles ( 30ml will fit as well ) 3 slots for 30ml bottles 2 extra universal slot for any wismec RX or square device. 10 drip tips we made the "eyes" wide enough to fit a 60ml bottle in each or extra devices. The "nose" is a made of two universal slots for either any wismec RX size or square devices like limitless 200, sigelei 150, ipv3 and other that share the same size. Each slot has valvet to protect the devices and Silicon rubber pads at the bottom.No devices or tanks included. Listing is for the stand only.

  • Vape Mod Stand Lady Sugar skull Mod Stand by Jwraps

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